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CPVA is developing a certification program for solar energy projects – ‘CPVA Certified’ – to embed sustainable circularity principles into the design, development and implementation of solar energy projects. CPVA has been invited into the Taronga HATCH Accelerator Program to refine and launch this industry-first certification initiative.


Are you committed to transforming Australia's solar energy sector to be the best and most sustainable it can be?

Fill in this EOI form and pledge your support for CPVA Certified! Simply tell us in a few words why you think this is important to you, upload your logo and we will promote your business logo on the CPVA website to showcase that you are supporting this exciting industry transformation.

You will be kept up to date as this initiative progresses and launches!

Want to do more? Receive a 25% discount on your first year CPVA Membership fee for pledging your support!

Thanks for supporting a truly sustainable and innovative Australian solar energy sector!

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