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CPVA is exploring the possibilities for solar panel reuse through our Micro-Pilot Project. The objectives of the first stage are to:

  • Test a sampling of panels for suitability for re-use

  • Validate the performance of the panels in a real-world test

  • Prove the ‘get them, test them, use them’ model​

  • Gain a preliminary understanding of an appropriate solar panel testing protocol.

Insights gained from the results of the Micro-Pilot Project will also help us achieve the following:

  • Gain a preliminary of understanding of potential used solar panel grades and certification types

  • Gain a preliminary understanding of potential solar panel refurbishment options and processes

  • Identify key areas requiring further investigation to develop a robust solar panel certification standard.

Following completion of the Micro-Pilot Project, CPVA will engage with industry stakeholders to develop a robust solar panel certification standard under the CPVA Certified™ label.



The CPVA Certified™ label will set the benchmark for the quality, safety and performance output of reused solar panels.

Individual businesses can apply to be CPVA Certified™ solar panel testers and certifiers of reused solar panels.

The CPVA Certified™ process will be independently verified through an internationally recognised certification standard. This will provide certainty for end users of the quality, safety and application of CPVA Certified™ reused solar panels.

We envisage the CPVA Certified™ label may have other future applications. These will be developed at a later stage.