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CPVA is committed to understanding and developing the solar energy circular economy. We undertake research projects and collaborations with industry partners and institutions to strengthen and realise the potential of the sector.

PV Panel Re-Use Around the World: State-of-the-art


PV Lab, ANU and CPVA have published this research report investigating PV panel re-use and refurbishment practices around the world. Funded by the ACT Government through the Renewable Energy Innovation Fund (REIF). The report finds that although there are different approaches to PV panel re-use, there is scope to create a new market for re-used panels that have been tested and undergone refurbishment if required.

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Reclaimed PV Panels Market Assessment


CPVA has partnered with The University of Queensland to undertake this research project with grant funding from Energy Consumers Australia. The purpose of this project is to explore the end-of-life landscape for used PV panels, to understand the potential customers and value streams available for used PV panels, and to identify any market or policy barriers to reusing, repurposing and recycling PV panels.

Solar Operations

CPVA Certified Label

CPVA is developing a circularity certification framework for solar energy projects. Certified projects will be awarded the CPVA Certified™ label. This certification is currently being further refined through the Taronga HATCH Accelerator program. CPVA will explore different applications for the CPVA Certified™ label in future, including used PV panels being tested for safety, performance and quality.


Micro-Pilot Project: Testing Used Solar Panels

CPVA has partnered with PV Lab to explore the potential for solar panel reuse through a Micro-Pilot Project. Insights gained from the project will help us achieve the following:

  • Gain a preliminary understanding of an appropriate solar panel testing protocol.

  • Gain a preliminary of understanding of potential used solar panel grades and certification types

  • Gain a preliminary understanding of potential solar panel refurbishment options and processes

  • Identify key areas requiring further investigation to develop a robust solar panel certification standard.

Following completion of the Micro-Pilot Project, CPVA will engage with industry stakeholders to develop a robust solar panel certification standard under the CPVA Certified™ label.

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Solar Energy Circular Economy Industry 'Roundtable' Series

CPVA is undertaking an industry first engagement program to discuss pathways for achieving a circular economy for solar energy. Part of the conversation with industry stakeholders is to garner feedback on the testing protocol and standard that CPVA is developing. This reflects CPVA's foundational principle to be industry-led. Contact CPVA If you would like to join the next Roundtable.

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RMIT Work Integrated Learning: Testing & Reuse of Solar Panels

Part of CPVA's mission is to contribute as much value to the solar energy circular economy sector as possible. This includes supporting the future workforce to understand the vast array of opportunities and challenges facing the sector. In 2022 CPVA partnered with RMIT to support a Masters student undertake a research thesis focusing on the testing and potential reuse of solar panels. This was a thoroughly worthwhile experience and CPVA is impressed with the final report. CPVA will continue to support students and education institutions into the future.

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